Our Story

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Our Story 

Women's suiting is a story of compromise.

The suits available to women are often an endless sea of black, blue, and gray suits. The pants are either too tight in the wrong places or too loose in the right ones. The blazers either have no structure or box you in. The options either meant you were trying too hard or weren't trying enough. And if you found the perfect suit, you probably also could afford the celebrity stylist price tag.

In 2019 our founder, Timanni, had grown frustrated with the entire process. Despite having no fashion education or training, she took her notepad to design a better experience for herself and other women. Fueled by audacity and naivety, what started as chicken scratch sketches in two years became a reality.

A suit made thoughtfully - designed to be colorful, comfortable, affordable, and to accommodate a variety of body types and experiences.

Today, her reckless ambition has paid off. People love the suit. They wear it casually, socially, and professionally. They wear it to celebrate big moments and to show up for small ones.

Timanni hopes her story encourages others that they are capable of far more than they can imagine and credits her success this far to her faith, family, and friends.

Our Name

We believe there is no greater joy than keeping the promises you've made to yourself, but we know how easy it is to be discouraged by big dreams. The gap between where we are and where we want to be is hard to close. We want to provide as many resources as possible to help you stay the course, starting with a suit that makes you feel capable. Because each day requires us all to be ALWAYS IN PURSUIT of courage, community, vulnerability, resilience, discipline, and faith.

And we're confident that if we do it together, we'll become the people we're destined to be.

Romans 8:28