Yolanda Solomon - The Author

Yolanda Solomon - The Author

And we're back with another Suit Spotlight. Knicks fan, wife, mother, prayer warrior, and now, for the first time, published author - Yolanda Solomon.

Her book, “Discipleship as Holy Collaboration,” gets to the heart of making disciples by following Jesus's life. What I have enjoyed about this book and Yolanda is how real they both are. Let’s be real, Christian people can be a little strange sometimes. It’s easy to have imposter syndrome when thinking about making disciples and sharing the good news. Thankfully, this book does not require a theology thesaurus. You do not need to be a seminary student to understand. Yolanda makes it simple to understand how to show up and meet the needs of those who are “hungry and timid” (her words) for Jesus.

Yolanda, thank you for being real through and through. For choosing to always be in pursuit of sharing the good news, so many lives - including mine - have been changed. But most importantly, for now, being weird. When I see how honestly and authentically you walk with the Lord, I see a version that I can identify with. May you have the joy, rest, courage, and peace you need to continue the journey.

"Discipleship as Holy Collaboration" is available on Amazon, Target, and many Christian bookstores. Yolanda is wearing The Gold Standard Blazer. Thank you. 

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