Jatee Kearsley - The Baker

Jatee Kearsley - The Baker

Hi y’all and welcome to the Suit Spotlight! I’m constantly inspired by the stories of the women I design for.

It’s incredibly humbling to see the suit come to life and play even just a small part in the amazing things you’re achieving.

First up, Jatee Kearsley, the owner and pastry chef extraordinaire of JE T’AIME PATISSERIE. Jatee brings the taste of Paris to Brooklyn. I will say as a crossiant-isseur (yes, I made that up) that she makes the best croissants dare I say in Brooklyn. Sorry not sorry.

I mean who else makes Banana Pudding, Matcha Mango, Blueberry Cheesecake, and Pineapple Upside Down croissants. A self-taught baker, prayer warrior, dear friend, Jatee is constant reminder of what’s possible when you trust God with your time and talents.

Jatee I’m so proud of you for walking in your gifts. You put the SAINT in croissants babe. Thank you for being in always in pursuit because now all of Brooklyn benefits.

Wanna taste of @jetaimepatisserie treats?

📍471 Marcus Garvey Blvd
📍Sundays at Prospect Park @smorgasburg starting April 7.

Jatee is wearing the Gold Standard Blazer.  Thank you again for all your support I look forward to sharing more of your stories.

Until next time,

Love T.